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Lotus Colorado is an independent car club not affiliated with Group Lotus, Lotus Cars USA, Classic Team Lotus, or any of their subsidiaries or affiliates.



Lotus Colorado Officers and Volunteers

Whatever your need, the following contact numbers and responsibilities should get you to the right person for help. If all else fails, pick one name - trust us to find the right answers for you.  Click on the persons name to send them an email.


Tatiana Jordan - President                   

Peter is the President of Lotus Colorado and responsible for overall club activities. He is the one to call if you wish to organize an event such as a drive, gathering or show on behalf of or in conjunction with the club.

Wes Spera -  Vice President      

Tatiana is the Vice President. She is the alternate contact if the president is unavailable.  She is also responsible for putting together many of our drives.

Mike Ingelido - Treasurer                  

Mike is the Treasurer and keeps all financial records including who has renewed their dues or not. Contact Mike if you are planning anything that requires club expenditure or if you have a dues question.

Gordon Smith - Recording Secretary     

Gordon is the Secretary and keeps the history of the club and “meeting moments.” In the tradition of Bill Rosenbach, “moments” are less formal and officious than minutes.

Other Volunteers

Bill Rosenbach - LOCO Local Affiliations

He is responsible for the LOCO affiliations and is your contact for any of these issues.  Bill is a long time member of Lotus Colorado and also serves as a senior advisor to the club.

Char Blackler - Membership Director

       (720) 301-4966          

Char is the Membership Coordinator and can help enroll you in Lotus Colorado or explain who we are and what we do. She is the one who keeps track of social events as well as welcoming new members.  

William Taylor - LOCO News, CCCC Representative

William is the editor and publisher of the ReMarque Lotus Ltd. Magazine and LOCO News. He is the one to call if you have information to get out to club members or an article of interest to us. William is also our club representative for our affiliate Collector Car Council of Colorado.

Jim Stone - Web Site Designer      

Jim is the current web developer of Lotus Colorado web site and responsible for all updates. He is the one to contact if you wish to see updates, changes or improvements to the LOCO web site.

If you have appropriate Lotus related news items, photos, events or technical info to add to the web site Jim is the person who will be adding them to the site.

Dave Hill - Racing & Multi-car Alliance Liason

Dave is track rat and is up to date on the racing scene. He is our go-to guy for racing information.  Dave is also our representative Multi-Car Club Alliance (Alfa Romeo, Audi, Mecedes Benz, Viper, Nissan Z-Car clubs)

Jo Taylor - Social Chair             

Apparel Coordinator - Currently open