Lotus Colorado is affectionately known by its members and long suffering hangers about as LOCO both because of its brevity and apt description of the nature of the club.

We are a fun loving bunch that not only embraces the rich and innovative history of the Lotus marque, but uses our cars on a regular basis. Unlike other clubs with trailer queens and snobbish poseurs, our members embrace the diversity of the Lotus cars in the club and really drive their cars on road and track. From the humblest kit built Seven to the latest Evora, all are welcome.

We are a casual and informal organization, with scheduled monthly dinner meetings (the dinners are not paid for by the club), that provides an opportunity for social and technical networking with other Lotus Colorado owners, experts and enthusiasts. In addition to our monthly meetings, we organize occasional lunch/drive events, tours, Track Days at High Plains Raceway (see the schedule of events for dates) and our eagerly awaited annual Christmas party (typically a potluck dinner with plates, napkins, utensils and alcohol provided by the Lotus Colorado). We have a lot of fun, adventure and camaraderie in LOCO.