Track Days

Lotus has always been famous for the way its cars perform on the racetrack and we warmly continue that tradition with Lotus Colorado's track days at High Plains Raceway (HPR). These events are coordinated by Colorado Exotic Car Association (CECA). All skill levels are welcome. In fact, many first timers are delighted to find they not only enjoy the speed and excitement, but the skills they develop make them better and safer street drivers. Every LOCO track day includes available instruction on the fastest way around the track from several of our members who race on the tracks we visit.


High Plains Raceway

Track is located 17 miles East of Byers. Visit the HPR web page for directions and further track details.

High Plains Raceway

HPR Lap Video from On-Board Camera

Excellent way to see the track from the driver’s perspective.


HPR Driving Simulation

Paul Leonard (SCCA) has created an amazing on-line virtual HPR driving simulation using R-Factor track simulator.



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